Working with NPR’s Next Generation Radio has been an amazing experience. I believe I’ve learned more in this one-week project than I have in semesters of internships and classes. As a Hispanic journalist, it was an honor to work on a story for the Hispanic community and bring it to a larger audience. One of my favorite parts of this project was I had the opportunity to interview members of the Cepeda Family, a well-known family in Puerto Rico credited to bringing Puerto Rican culture and music around the world. 

Going into this week, I knew I was going to be working on an audio story, a web story and throwing in a few photos. But in reality, I did so much more and learned about new programs such as Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop and learning how to create audiograms. These are truly all skills and techniques that I will be taking with me into my last semester at the University of Central Florida and into the workforce. NPR’s Next Generation Radio is truly a network of professors and industry professionals who not only have a passion for public radio but have a love for helping and guiding students through the media industry in today’s world. 

Overall, I’ve been able to gain valuable insight through all the workshops, discussions, and one-on-ones we’ve had and I couldn’t be more thankful to Doug Mitchell and the Florida Newsroom team for putting this all together remotely. I have loved working with my mentor Gabriela Saldivia because, while working remotely from Sevilla, Spain, she has been my rock and my stronghold throughout this whole project. I’m thankful to have been paired with a hard-working, talented, and wonderful mentor that I will know I will have as a friend and mentor for a very long time.