I found NPR’s Next Generation Radio after searching for journalism opportunities for students, and I’m grateful for stumbling upon it. As an aspiring multimedia journalist, I absolutely love learning more about different forms of journalism. 

This project provided me with multiple ways to tell one story and incorporate emotions through a multimedia format. Since I’ve only edited with Garageband, I was somewhat intimidated by audio editing software, but Selena Seay-Reynolds and Ellis Muñoz walked us mentees through Adobe Audition. Their passion for audio brightly shined through the Zoom call and inspired me to create more content using this software. I’m grateful for the reassuring support that I received via feedback and advice from Amy Tardif, Alexis Richardson and Erica Lee.

I’m familiar with interviewing sources, due to writing for The Famuan’s lifestyle section, but this was entirely different than what I’m used to. Using a recorder and microphone versus my phone’s built-in audio was a game changer and inspires me to invest in a professional recorder. I knew my sources prior to reaching out to them for this project, but the bond I have formed with them now is both educational and beneficial to my future. I achieved so many ‘firsts’ this week, such as interviewing for primarily audio, editing with Adobe Audition, using a recorder, and being a photojournalist. I feel so accomplished to have this entire project under my belt.

My mentor, Jessica Meszaros, was a big part in how I accomplished this project. When I first chatted with her, she mentioned that she was a reporter who specializes in environmental reporting, and I knew that I was paired with the perfect mentor. Due to my plant-based diet, I have developed a huge interest in reporting about the environment and health. I’m happy to have had the chance to work with Jessica and have the opportunity to reach out to her for my future in journalism, specifically environmental reporting.

Whenever Doug Mitchell mentioned that this week would be intense and go by quickly, I shrugged it off. I understood that we would be moving at a fast pace, but this was unlike anything I have ever done. Due to the pandemic, it’s obvious that a lot of people have become familiar with working from home. I was not one of the fortunate few that has been working from home, so I was surprised at how quickly I wanted to leave my desk. Working from home for this project prepared me for a future remote career and how to stay productive during a 9-5 day.